Cabo San Lucas Couple's Trip

Nick and me sailing in the Sea of Cortez

Cabo San Lucas Couple’s Trip

View at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica
Pueblo Bonita – All-Inclusive Resort

If you are looking for an awesome couple’s trip, a super popular international travel destination, especially for Southern Californians, is Cabo San Lucas! This is a quick plane ride and a relatively inexpensive venture especially if you find all-inclusive resorts, which are readily available all

along the coast. Nick and I went in October 2019, and we recommend Pueblo Bonito to everyone! Keep in mind, there are four different Pueblo Bonito locations. We stayed specifically at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica! Their hospitality is through the roof. Everyone is so kind, and the amenities are beautiful. I loved the pool and how quiet it was being an adult-only resort making it very romantic. The intimate vibe was extremely relaxing and to top it off, the food was incredible! Being an all-inclusive resort, food and drinks were included in our booking fee, and the only extra money we spent was in tips. We spent our days between the pool, bars, and gym…ok we went to the gym only one time, but honestly, I ate my bodyweight in huevos rancheros every morning, so it was necessary!

Sailing in Cabo with Cabo Adventures

We also took advantage of the incredible concierge services and booked two excursions! The first excursion was a sailing and snorkeling through Cabo Adventures. The service was excellent, and they even had a photographer on board. Photos were $50 at the end of the day, and totally worth it! The day included champagne, endless Coronas, and a beautiful lunch with chips and salsa, pasta salad, vinaigrette salad, fruit, ceviche, and cake pops! It was my absolute favorite thing we did on the trip! Jumping off the boat with snorkeling gear to see all the beautiful tropical fish right off the Playa Santa Maria in the Sea of Cortez was exhilarating. I would do it every day if I could!

Nick and I snorkeling off Santa Maria

Cabo Azul – Boutique Hotel
The infinity pool at Cabo Azul

We were super curious about experiencing the major differences between an all-inclusive resort and a boutique style hotel in Cabo. So, halfway through our trip, we went to Cabo Azul, a little closer to the airport. Here, we experienced a beautiful swim-up bar, infinity pool and a more modern interior design. The downside to this resort is that it was not all-inclusive, so we did have to pay for every drink and meal. It can add up very quickly when you’re soaking up the sun, so be sure to take this into consideration when planning! We booked a tour through Cabo Azul’s hotel concierge and went to a location called Cactus Tours. There, we rented Razors (like dune buggies) and raced all over the desert! We learned about the Baja 1000 which is a huge tradition in Cabo and very much part of the culture. It’s an off-roading race that encompasses hundreds of miles of the Baja Peninsula. This was Nick’s favorite activity we did. We got to switch drivers halfway through, and we were able to take photos on the coastline! We finished the tour with a refreshing Michelada and then got a ride back to the hotel. The only downside of this activity was they did not authorize personal Go-Pros or cameras in order to urge you to rent their equipment. We may or may not have snuck ours on the ride. Oops!


Nick's favorite activity - Razors!

The Airport

You’ll want to fly into Cabo San Lucas International Airport. When you arrive and get your bags, it’s important to go to the exchange for Pesos before you leave the airport. While most places accept US Dollars, it’s important to have cash in both Pesos and USD just in case. It can often make life a little easier. I’ve seen some airport exchanges that will only take cash for cash, and I’ve seen others that accept credit/debit cards. It might be worth it to withdraw cash before your trip. Otherwise there should be ATMs at the airport just in case. Some people don’t like traveling with a ton of cash which is totally understandable. Just do whatever feels comfortable for you! An additional point to make is that you will undoubtedly encounter the “gauntlet” of taxi drivers harassing you for a ride. Those are not your people. Keep going all the way out of the airport, and you will find taxis parked and drivers who are not harassing you for a ride. Those are your people!

In Conclusion, out of the two hotels we stayed, I loved the aesthetic of Cabo Azul, but the overall quality and convenience of Pueblo Bonito. If you want the most bang for your buck, all-inclusive resorts in Cabo will be your best bet. Not only are these resorts perfect for couple’s trips, they are also great destinations for wellness getaways, bachelorette parties, and girl’s trips!

Cabo Azul Beach

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