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Me at Mount Rainer National Park

I want to start by saying thank you for being here! This blog has been in the works for years, and it means so much that you clicked on the link! I’d like to take the next few pages to give you an idea of who I am and what this blog is all about. You see, it’s been an interesting journey with some of the greatest adventures are! I’m currently a San Diego resident and have been for about 4 years! I live here with my dog Finnegan and my fiancé, Nick! I’m known in the community as a travel and lifestyle blogger and Marine Corps veteran. If you talk to any of my friends, they will tell you that I’m always doing something. One of my favorite quotes is, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” I have many interests and many goals, but I think the greatest underlying factor is just living fully and authentically.

When I was little, I dreamed of learning French and going to Paris. Sometimes I’d pack a bag and walk out of the door after hearing my parents say, “Kelsie, where are you going?” “I’m going to Paris!” I’d reply. When I got to college, I kept a dream board on my Tumblr of all these beautiful places, National Parks, monuments, mountains, etc. I had no idea there were places like that when I was a kid, and I knew one day that I was going to visit them any chance I could. I fortunately was given that opportunity when my Aunt and Uncle took me for my 13th birthday to, you guessed it, Paris, France. That trip immediately piqued my interest in traveling more and studying International Studies in college, especially when I found out there was a study abroad requirement! I spent my undergrad at a military university in Vermont where I was exposed to all sorts of outdoor activities: hiking, climbing, ice climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, you name it! I also studied abroad in Grenoble, France my senior year of my undergrad. I hiked the French Alps, visited neighboring countries like Switzerland and even made my way to Madrid, Spain! I was even able to train in my equestrian discipline at a local equestrian training facility and had a blast getting to know local students! I also did quite a bit of rock climbing at a local gym that was a great after school activity! Immediately after graduation, I commissioned as a 2ndLt in the United States Marine Corps and began my career as an officer. Right before I went off to train in Quantico, VA with the Marine Corps, I went on a cross country road trip to California where I was completely captivated by every National Park I visited. I was thrilled beyond belief when I received orders to be stationed in San Diego, CA. It’s got an amazing outdoor community and is a perfect hub for West Coast travel!

Hiking, being outdoors, traveling, and having new life experiences really helped balance the demands of military life. I especially loved taking my dog, Finnegan with me as well. He loves hiking, and most of all plunging himself into any body of water he can find! Eventually my list of adventures started to compile, and I noticed that so many people were asking me for recommendations on where to stay and what to do in some of these places I was visiting! I realized very quickly that I was living the life that I had dreamt of since I was a kid and that I had in fact seen so many of the places I had put on my Tumblr dream board-a true manifestation of life! The real opportunity here was being able to inspire and inform others to have these incredible experiences as well.

My passion is being an inspiration and empower women to seek adventure and not wait on people or the “right time” to experience life. We are all completely capable of doing things on our own, with our friends and loved ones, or simply with our dog. My mantra is that if you wait on people to experience life, you will be waiting your entire lifetime. Many of us are trying to balance the 9-5 with our hobbies and interests. I’ve learned ways to do that for myself, and I’m so excited to share that with you! I’m personally striving to leave the corporate world and enter business ownership myself, and this blog is the first step in accomplishing that! So, if you fit into either of those categories, this blog is for you! On here, I will give you the tools to take charge of your life and to take that first step in living the life you’ve always wanted. It’s more than just where to hike or where to stay or what to pack in your bag. It’s a mindset, lifestyle, and direction on how to completely live out your values that I strive to translate for those who are looking to make changes in their lives. You will notice throughout this website that I provide tips on budgeting for a trip or how to plan your finances around your values, whether that’s traveling or picking up a new hobby. I provide tools for personal development and book recommendations so that you can develop and strengthen your mindset to continue manifesting your goals and purpose. You will see other lifestyle tips and tricks like how I enjoy decorating my home or dog-friendly places to stay. You will also see different categories of trips I like to take! I love a good girl’s trip, solo trip, or trip with my partner. Ultimately, I want to help you answer the question, “How can I do this too?” Too often we make excuses for why we can’t do something. It’s often due to financial constraints, lack of time, and too many responsibilities. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be rich to travel. You have the same hours in a day as everyone else. And you need to pause and reevaluate your priorities. Don’t wait until after retirement to live. If you stick around, I’ll do my best to give you the tools you need to win too!

Much love,


Kelsie and Finnegan

Hi! I'm Kelsie Marie-welcome to my blog! I'm a San Diego-based Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, and I'm thrilled to have you here!

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