How to Spend 3 Days in Lake Tahoe

Where to go and what to do!

One of my favorite things about this year has been working from home! This has given me the chance to check out many cool places! In the following paragraphs, I will share with you how I spent 3 days in Lake Tahoe!

This was by far one of the best trips EVER, and I did it all on a budget!!! I got to bring my dog Finnegan who LOVES swimming more than anything. It was not difficult finding activities we could both enjoy together!

For starters, the big question you need to ask yourself before going to Lake Tahoe is, "Do I want to stay in South or North Lake Tahoe?

I personally found there to be more of what I wanted to do in South Lake Tahoe. There are more shops, restaurants, and main attractions I wanted to see. It is also where Heavenly Ski Resort is for those who enjoy snow sports in the winter!

I stayed at the Alder Inn and booked it through Airbnb. It was perfect for Finnegan and me, equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and wifi. There is also a Wholefoods within walking distance (I'd say about .4 of a mile) where I stocked up on some healthy snacks and pre-made meals. SUPER convenient.

Before I left for my journey, I planned out the things I HAD to do and made sure to book what I needed to prior to my departure. This made it super convenient and not stressful…Since I only had 3 days there, I needed to be efficient with my time!


The Lake

A few fun facts about Lake Tahoe: 1) It's the second deepest lake in the Country at a depth of 1645 ft! Do you know what the deepest lake is? You guessed it! Crater Lake in Oregon at a whopping 1943 ft! As you can imagine being an alpine lake town, the water is pretty freezing including the middle of the summer. However, that did not stop Finnegan and me from going for a swim. 2) The cleanliness of this water is almost good enough to drink! I said, "Almost!" The Keep Tahoe Blue League is a non-profit that works diligently to maintain cleanliness of the lake and actively works to preserve the ecosystem in the area! Cool huh? Love to see it!

If you ever get a chance to take a swim, bring some goggles and a GoPro, and take adequate breaks to avoid brain freeze! Zephyr Cove is a MUST. It's dog friendly towards the northern part of the beach (less people are usually there). You can pay 10$ to park inside for the day or park along side on the shoulder. I did both, and found it was easier to park on the shoulder!



SUP / Kayaking

There is no doubt that there are endless activities in Lake Tahoe. From boating to hiking to paddle-boarding, the list goes on. One of my bucket list items was to checkout the clear kayak rentals! Lucky for me, there is only ONE of its kind, and they happened to have an opening on my lunch break! Wild Society is owned by the nicest lady EVER. Kaylee makes sure your experience is the best. Be sure to step inside her boutique when you're done paddling! Located 45 minutes north of the Alder Inn, plan to spend the day there! There are shops, cute little restaurants like The Grid Bar & Grill (where I finished the rest of my workday paired with amazing fish tacos)!




Among the many things to do in Tahoe, factor in some time to go for a hike. There are many from which to choose that will fit any experience level. There are also plenty of overlooks in case you run out of time or don't feel like hiking that day.

Finnegan and I hiked the Cascade Falls Trail. About 1.4 Miles, it is a very easy hike with only 255ft of elevation change. I went n June, so my attire was shorts and a t-shirt, but made sure to bring a fleece jacket just in case. I also brought plenty of water for Finnegan and me!

One of my favorite views was over Emerald Bay! There is an overlook that I highly recommend you stop to see! It's called Emerald Bay Vista Point. There's a decently sized parking lot where I had no issue finding a spot. It's also conveniently right across from the Cascade Falls Trailhead!


  • Book your Airbnb early!
  • Book your Wild Society reservation early because they sell out fast!
  • Goggles, GoPro, Floatie (great lake accessories)
  • Baggies for your dog





For those who stuck through: I needed this trip more than ANYTHING. I know we can all relate to the challenges quarantine has caused in everyone's lives. For someone who enjoys travel and being outdoors, I was really starting to lose my mind. It gave me the opportunity to reset, recharge, and reground myself. It gave me so much motivation to keep pursuing my goals. This has been a super weird time for EVERYONE, and we have all had to deal with it in many ways. Some have the flexibility that others do not, and I just consider myself so blessed....and truly grateful. I hope you have things in your life that bring you resolve and a sense of peace.

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